Chronic Boom: Chapter 29 Is Up!

Check out the newest chapter of Chronic Boom as only Crazy Good Studios can bring it:



I am Onyx of the Crystal Dragons! It does not! End! Here!

Flash jumps down from the Diamonten Temple toward the planet’s surface. Zanom takes pursuit.

It’s the ending you’ve all been waiting for… The fight’s finally over.


Even if I die here, there’s still enough energy in the planet’s core to resurrect Kagejuro. You’d have to destroy the entire planet to win… With us on it!


Your move, Kami.

…Or is it?


They didn’t prevent their future from happening. If anything, All Zanom did by destroying that Diamond of Time was ensure that it could still happen, anyway. It was futile.

Time travel’s weird…


It’s either this, or we unleash yet another ancient horror onto the world. Now, which would you rather have?

Chronic Boom. From Crazy Good Studios.


One Dragon to another, you wouldn’t happen to have an ice pack on you, would you?

Zanom flicks his wrist slightly, and a glacier pops out of the Temple grounds beneath Flash.


Take the “L” with dignity.

That’s Crazy Good!

The Role Star: PSA (The Definition of Insanity)

In this PSA Jon makes an empassioned plea for lawmakers to do something ANYTHING to stop the endless cycle of gun-related violence destroying the lives of our youth.

Since this is a Jon Dorfman video it will be posted to both The Aspie Dialogues AND Crazy Good Studios websites.

TL;DR: Jon sides with the Parkland Students and strongly urges everyone to put aside political differences to come to a real tangible solution to this epidemic.

Music: “Taken” by Dave Patten (used with his permission)

Chronic Boom is Back!

When we last left Planet Sol, Zanom’s battle with Onyx entered its climax. Zanom had just destroyed the artifact powering Onyx’s master plan, and Onyx was about to retaliate in full. Then Chronic Boom went on hiatus.

Guess what, Crazy Guys and Dolls! Starting right NOW, The Crystal Dragons Saga picks up where it left off in December with the second half of Volume 3! Be sure to check out the latest updates from Sol over in the Creative Projects section under Chronic Boom > Volume 3.


Onyx transforms into his Full-Dragon state while Zanom watches.


C’mon! Hurry it up! I don’t have all night!

Zanom receives a boost from an unlikely ally, but will it be enough to even put a dent in Onyx’s armored scales?

Onyx lunges to deal the final blow, but he’s intercepted by the Diamond Dragon.



Rynan teleports in and grabs Zanom. The two teleport out.

The final stage of combat is set. Who’s walking out alive?


Oh, no you don’t! There will be none of that, today!

Onyx smacks Rynan with his tail, and bats him to the planet’s surface, unconscious.

It’s not over ’till the fat Dragon sings…

Onyx hovers over Zanom. Zanom writhes on the ground, barely conscious and gasping for air.


Here lies the god of Seigoku, broken, beaten…

Onyx bares his teeth.


Defeated. Any last words before you die?

Chronic Boom. From Crazy Good Studios.

Onyx charges up a massive Onyx Blast.


On your knees where you belong!

That’s Crazy Good!