(Common Century) – the current timekeeping units in years after Godor created the Realms of the Cosmos


(Realms of the Cosmos) – the universe as comprised of six main Realms and many other realms lost in space and time


a dangerous class of supernatural being with the ability to manipulate its spiritual energy

Diamond of Time

an ancient artifact that can grant the user the ability to travel through time on a whim

The Diamond of Time was lost centuries ago, but recently recovered in Seigoku.

It is worshipped as a sacred artifact at the Diamonten Temple of Planet Sol.


an ancient wizard who is credited with creating the Realms of the Cosmos

Godor Pearl



Hell; the Under Realm


an ancient Demon who once threatened to destroy the Cosmos until he was defeated by the 6th generation Kamis



the ancient guardians of Godor’s power, each charged with guiding a Realm of the Cosmos and granted power over a natural element

Godor – Life

Kigoku – Light

Tengoku – Wind

Seigoku – Ice

Jigoku – Fire

Zengoku – Thunder

Yugoku – Aether

Kami Pearls

the crystallized souls of the 6th Generation of Kamis, each one named after a Realm of the Cosmos and granting the wielder the powers of that Realm’s Kami

When all six are assembled, a seventh Godor Pearl, Pangaea, appears which grants the wielder the powers of a god.

The Kami Pearls were created during the final battle with Kagejuro as a means to defeat him.

White – Pangaea

Silver – Kigoku

Green – Tengoku

Blue – Seigoku

Red – Jigoku

Teal – Zengoku

Purple – Yugoku

Kami Vornak

the 4th generation Kami of Yugoku who bestowed upon Kami Vayelan Domba, the Wise, his zenkai energy


the Realm of Space and Time


the ancient Realm, from which, Godor created the Realms of the Cosmos


the Living Realm


a mortal being trained to manipulate his or her spiritual energy

Spiritual Energy

the life force within every living being

State of Aizen

a state of mind, in which, the deepest reserves of spiritual energy and universal energy are brought to the surface through zen harmony and peace of the mind, body, and spirit

One could argue a state of Aizen is more powerful than a state of Ikarin due to the tactical advantage of being able to stay in control of one’s mental state.

State of Ikarin

a mental state of pure rage linked to one’s deepest reserves of spiritual energy and universal energy based on emotional state and adrenaline levels

In this state, self-control is impossible and can only be reestablished by eradicating one of the following factors: emotional state and/or adrenaline levels.


Heaven; the After Realm

Universal Energy

a special type of spiritual energy that draws from a pool of energy every living being can access


the leader of the ancient Kamis; the Kami of Kamis; the Kami of Kigoku

Yugokan Codex

(The Book of Souls) – a sacred book containing a list of every being who has ever existed, residing within the Realm of Yugoku

Anyone not in the Yugokan Codex cannot draw upon universal energy.


the Realm of the Subconscious


the Gateway between Realms

Zenkai Energy

a special type of spiritual energy that only Kamis can possess; Godor’s essence