The Wait Is Over! Chronic Boom Volume 3 Has Arrived!

JD, here, Crazy Guys and Dolls!

I know I’m a little later than I wanted to be with this announcement, and I have the poorest of excuses (life got in the way), so once you’re all done hating me for it, you can all love me for this:


Yes, that’s right, guys! Volume 3 is here, and boy, are we hitting the ground running! Zanom and the Kamis are FINALLY taking on Onyx and the Crystal Dragons… wait for it… starting THIS VOLUME!

Big changes are coming to the Cosmos, so don’t miss this 11-Chapter event!

What kind of changes? Well, that’s the show. And I’m sure you all are just dying to know.

Here’s how this Volume’s going to work:

Chapter 23: Today!

Chapter 24: October 27

Chapter 25: November 10

Chapter 26: December 1

Chapter 27: December 15

Chapters 28 through 33 will arrive in the new year, hopefully on a weekly schedule. No promises on that!

What are you waiting for? Tell all your friends! Start reading!

And of course, thank you for stopping by!

Volume 2 Is COMPLETE!!!!

JD here with a FANTASTIC news item on Chronic Boom!!!


I know I screwed up last week and forgot to post last week’s chapter so while I was making that up to you with a bonus chapter, I decided to be extra generous and give you guys an extra special bonus-bonus chapter: the Volume 2 Finale!

Yes, you can now finish off Volume 2 with some unexpected revelations. How will they help or hurt the Kamis’ cause in Volume 3 when they FINALLY face off against the Crystal Dragons?

…I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait until it’s ready. For now, catch up on the first two Volumes if you haven’t already and prepare for some fights to get real, next up on Chronic Boom:

Volume 3: The Crystal Dragons Saga!

You won’t want to miss it!

The Strongest in the Galaxy Is…

…You’ll have to read this week’s Chronic Boom post to find out!

JD here!

Thank you all so much for following Chronic Boom this far! This week, Zanom got a little beat up, but I don’t think he’ll complain too much about that at the moment. After all, he’s got bigger dragon-sized fish to fry. Then, there’s the matter of facing the consequences of transforming into Ikarin in front of a crowded arena.

Ladies and gentlemen, this week concludes the World Belt Tournament of Baldur Saga as we transition into the Crystal Dragon Saga for the rest of Volume 2. Still to come: Sora gives birth to the present timeline’s Zanom, the future timeline’s Zanom deals with tabloid propaganda, and Vayelan, the Wise drops a major bombshell on the Danvers family.

Also, I’m still working on the Secret Project, but I’m hoping to have something more concrete to show you all by the end of November, so stay tuned for the big announcement!

Finishing the Saga this Weekend!

JD here, with another fantastic chapter of Chronic Boom!

We’re almost to the end of the World Belt Tournament Saga! Can you believe it? Next weekend will be the conclusion of the Saga, and after that, there will only be three more chapters to Volume 2.

It’ll take some time to consider Volume 3 ready to roll on the website, but not to worry! I’m planning a secret surprise so big, so secret, and so surprising, that the Cosmos would collapse if I told you what I was thinking before it was ready! I promise you might like this idea much better.

Aw, c’mon! Can’t you give us a hint?

Okay, since you asked…

Imagine what the Cosmos looks like. That’s all I can say for right now.

Wait. What? What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not making any sense!

Those who’ve been following these blog posts for a while should be able to figure this one out, so if haven’t already, go back and reread some of them. It may just give you the answers you seek.

That’s all for now, Crazy Guys ‘n Gals!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more of Volume 3 to write and more secret project to secretly project.

Bye! See you all next weekend!

Chronic Boom Chapter 17 Is Up!

JD here –

Thanks for putting up with last week’s scheduling SNAFU… Well, at least I think you guys’ll thank me for NOT putting this up last week. We’re coming up on the conclusion of the World Belt Tournament, but remember:

For every action we take, there’s a consequence.

Zanom’s going to learn that the hard way when this is done… Then he still has to face the Crystal Dragons, yet. How will this story arc end? You’ll just have to keep coming back to read some more, now won’t you?

No Chronic Boom This Week; Will Resume Next Week

JD here!

Due to the nature of the next chapter’s subject matter and the fact that tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of a terrorist attack on American soil – which, by the way, voters are still divided on how it should’ve been handled – I’ve decided that this probably isn’t the best weekend to release that chapter.

Yeah, I know. I suck for not realizing the timing of this sooner, but at least I caught it before putting it up. Bonus points for that, at least. I guess I’m one step ahead of a certain Floridian Walmart (and whatever this was supposed to be, for that matter)…

Mattresses and my long-fueled hatred for Walmart’s political statements aside, Chronic Boom will resume with the next chapter next week, when there will presumably be no terrorist attacks to coincide with the chapter’s release.

For those of you actually keeping up with the series, you’ll definitely understand why I’m postponing it when you read it.

For those of you not keeping up with the series, catch up with it, then you’ll definitely understand why I’m postponing it when you read it.

I apologize for not realizing this with enough time to prepare something else for this week. I’ll try to consider this scenario going forward. It was something that I didn’t anticipate until I was getting ready to post it tonight – before I stopped and remembered what tomorrow is.

I promise it’ll all be worth it in the end. You’ll thank me for this in the long run… I hope. I honestly can’t control your reactions, so please be kind when you flay me.

Thank you.

Chronic Boom is Back!

JD, here, with another fantastic news item!

I don’t know how many people have noticed over the past month, but those who’ve been paying attention to the site, may have noticed that I’ve moved all of Chronic Boom: Volume 1 to the site, and I’ve even begun posting chapters from the much overdue Chronic Boom: Volume 2 to the site. Chronic Boom even has its own section now!

I’ve been trying to update the Chronic Boom section every Saturday. If I don’t get to it on a particular Saturday, hold tight, I’ll try to get to it during the workweek, if I can.

Can you believe we’re already halfway through The World Belt Tournament Saga? That’s nuts! …And I’m already working on Volume 3! So, hold onto your seats, readers! It’s about to get real.

Before I forget, Chronic Boom may depict situations containing coarse language, intense violence, and suggestive themes. Reader discretion is advised for readers under the age of 15. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! That’s three, count’em, 3 exclamation marks! Don’t mess with the triple exclamation marks!